The Best Treats are Handmade

The process of crafting homemade sweet treats is an involved one. We don't believe in taking short cuts. All baked goods we offer are crafted from small batches and baked to perfection.

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Sweet Dani's Bakery and Cupcakery is a home-based bakery specializing in freshly made, baked goods. We use time-honored techniques to craft some of the most amazing baked delights. Using only the finest ingredients, we put our heart and soul into baking these treats for you and your family, and it shows.

Sweet Dani's Bakery and Cupcakery started by making desserts for close friends and family. With a progressing passion and a need to perfect each recipe, what started as a hobby turned into a home-based business and hopefully someday, into a store front.


Although there are plenty of signature treats to choose from, we would love to know your favorite flavor or treat to customize a specialty dessert just for you!